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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • Five star service during and after the sale. The owners and management at Petland Fort Myers should be commended for their professionalism and exemplary business practices. This pet store has set the standard for the industry. Their integrity and compassion for animals and their customers are second to none. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about a new animal family member choose Petland Fort Myers.

    David Gaumer

  • I got my Teddy Bear puppy “Teddy” here just over four years ago after seeing his photo online at the store. They gladly held him for me for 24 hours so I could make the drive down from Sarasota to meet him and see if we were a good match. It was evident after spending a half hour with him that he was perfect for us. One of the best things I ever did. He is the sweetest and most amazing, affectionate dog and couldn’t imagine life without our Teddy.


  • We purchased a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from you guys back in August. His name is Waffles and we have so enjoyed him. He has great temperament and he is so loving. We have had no problems with him and he is such a fun and playful addition to our family. People may say do not buy from pet stores but Waffles is the best little guy I could have asked for. These guys deserve a chance too. The staff was very helpful and let us spend time with him before purchasing and financing options helped us out a lot as well. I would repurchase from Petland. Plus, they paid for his first vet checkup and any medications that went along with it. You will also get a crate, vitamins and supplements and treats! So worth it! Thank you guys for all of your help!


  • Staff was amazing and helpful especially Betzi and Julianne. You can tell they love their job and truly care for the animals. Thank you so much.

    Cari Jo

  • Went to buy crickets for my leopard gecko. Met Emory whom fell in love with her, and ultimately, took her in when my situation no longer allowed me to keep her. So glad we went there!


  • I am going to be adopting a puppy soon. I cannot wait!!!

    Ruth Rodriguez

  • Thank you Marshall! You helped me pick out my first dog, answered all my questions about dog breeds and helped me pick out supplies!
    So happy with my first ever puppy:) Five Stars *****


  • Skarleth is amazing!! This is the BEST store by far! Stay FAR away from Petland Naples-Kendall-Pembroke bc they are owned by some guy named Louis who way over-prices the dogs, check the BBB and 1-star customer reviews, as his stores are super pushy, sales-y and poor customer service! However, we were pleasantly surprised by this Fort Myers store, clearly better ownership, willing to work w you on price, not so over-priced. Petland Naples showed me a Shiba Inu puppy “$6900 CASH out the door” - we got sticker shock! The Naples sister store in Kendall wanted $4300 for a 5 month old puppy! However this Fort Myers store does not se like a shady Petland store. Skarleth was wonderful, along w another gentleman helping, very warm and fun, without being so bossy-pushy-bullying people into buying a dog like Naples store!


  • Anthony made it VERY easy and was EXTREMELY helpful finding the materials I needed. Also made sure I didn’t leave without satisfaction.


  • I am a regular at this store, I come in to get crickets and reptile supplies weekly. Gianna in particular is extremely helpful and sweet. Always has a smile and the answer to any question I throw at her. Very impressive store in all.


  • Gian is excellent! she is very knowledgeable, patient, kind and really loves the pets! if i could give her 10 stars i would ! Giana loves her job and making people happy and wants everyone to have a good experience!


  • Great store! The person who helped me, Gianna, was very kind and introduced me to the amazing dogs they had. It was very fun to play with them as well as see the other pets at the store too. 5 stars!


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