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A Google User

Customer Comments: My favorite store!! I love this place and their pets! :)

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Customer Comments: Great Customer Service and Knowledgable staff. Its hard now days to find a store that has employees who care about customer service. This store goes beyond that and is extremely polite and helpful. Nice Job Petland of Fort Myers

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Customer Comments: I purchased a puppy from Petland 9 months ago. She is healthy, happy loving pup and I am very happy with her. She had no major health issues and is true to form for her breed (pomeranian). The staff is helpful, polite and knowledgeable. Lately, puppymills have really been in the spotlight but these puppies are already here. Don't they deserve a chance too?

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Customer Comments: This store is great. I bought a $900 puppy from them. Not only did I get an incredibly beutiful puppy. But I also got a free vet visit. a 21 day health warranty. GREAT PURCHASE

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Customer Comments: I have purchased 2 pets from Petland in Ft. Myers & could not be more satisfied! I was pleasantly surprised by the detail to cleanliness & education of their staff. This store is WONDERFUL!! I highly recommend this store to anyone.

Matt Scarn

Customer Comments: Allen, the fish guy, really knows his stuff.


Customer Comments: i got my german sheperd there and they were so nice and when i got to the register they were so nice they complemented my choice of dog.and she evan gave me some advice on the breed and she evan gave me some doggie treats.i had the most amzing time that my parents thought about going there again for our next puppy

Fernando Diaque

Customer Comments: I bought a dog here 4 months ago and despite being reprimanded by my neighbors because of the puppy mill thing which I had never heard of, I found it to be a pleasant experience. At first I thought I had been ripped of, just because my daughter fell in love with the dog I paid close to 900 for a Golden retriever, however after asking other people who had bought straight from a breeder it seemed like quite the deal and the dog is very healthy.

Dedra Justice

Customer Comments: I bought a yorkie terrier here in June 2013. The customer service was excellent. She is nearly two years old healthy and Happy! Thanks

Ashley Krueger

Customer Comments: I spent 3 hours around Fort Myers puppy stores, and this was by far the best experience i had. Jason (the person who helped me) was very nice, and helped me to choose a puppy for me and my family. he also gave me a lot of help on getting everything i needed for this puppy. I recommend people go here to get a puppy!!

Rebecca Sebrasky

Customer Comments: Even if these are puppy mill dogs, not buying one won't make any difference. Where do you think shelter dogs come from? What's the difference? None, really. Any dog has the chance of health problems and behavior problems. It doesn't matter where you get them. I have a champion sired GSD that has a lot of issues, from a well known and responsible breeder. If you want to bash someone, bash the breeders who are not taking care of their dogs. Why bash a store for doing what stores do? You wouldn't yell at a fish for swimming, would you? Of course not. Stores make profits. That's what they do. Breeders, however, should do it for the love of the animal. Anyway, I got my chocolate Shih Tzu puppy from here about 2 weeks ago. He is extremely smart, and very well behaved. He's damn near potty trained, great in his crate and already knows sit. He doesn't even need a leash! My other two dogs (a rescue black lab and a champion sired GSD) were not nearly as easy. Max (?) was so helpful and attentive, and when I had to go back for more food the sales manager helped me pick out a treat that my puppy loved and gave me so much information. They've been very upfront about everything and I even found the breeder that my puppy came from. They don't hide anything. Thanks for being so great and helping me find the greatest addition to my family.

Robert Wind

Customer Comments: Great staff and a wonderful selection of healthy dogs.

Michelle Gosnell

Customer Comments: Love to spend time there loving on animals

Cecil Pendergrass

Customer Comments: Great staff and shopping experience!

Coocoo Laruza

Customer Comments: The staff was highly knowledgeable and extremely kind. I fell in love with one of the puppies but couldn't rationalize paying $2,200.00 when I've seen them for half the price. I read and understand why their puppies are pricier and honestly, I could see it...but it's still hard to swallow. Overall though, I think the store and staff were fabulous.

Adam Gross

Customer Comments: A few years ago me and my girlfriend purchased one Havanese and then another. Ziggy and Zoey. My son and I visit the store often to play with all the puppies. I can tell you, having had pure bred dogs before, this store is the most wonderful place to purchase a puppy for your family. Our dogs are the most amazing that I have ever seen or had. The people who work and own the store are wonderful to deal with, helpful and knowledgeable. There is no way that these puppies come from a puppy mill. I purchased my lab many years ago from a supposed reputable breeder. While we kept the puppy, it ended up having major health problems. So, I would totally go back to find another puppy at this store.

Annette Ogden

Customer Comments: We bought our cockerpoo, Poppy, from Petland just under two weeks ago. We hadn't intended to go to a store but there are no breeders locally where you can see the puppy and its environment which I know is recommended. The internet is a minefield, we thought we had found a great puppy, the reviews on the website and Facebook were great but on deeper digging the breeder was on the humane society's list of 100 worst puppy mills in America! So, having seen that Petland had a cockerpoo we "just went for a look". We asked a staff member to point her out as most dogs there are furry mixes but she went to get her and put us in a play pen together and of course she became ours. The dog was happy, healthy and very friendly they are used to people as they are taken out and played with so much. We were a little shocked by the price as generally this dog plus shipping would have worked out cheaper, on the other hand we have friends who have picked up dogs from the airport they have never seen before. We decided to buy her and we would leave her a couple of days for her last shots and her final vet visit. Unfortunately we were unable to pick her up as she had caught a cold and needed to be completely healthy before handed over to us. We asked if we could go and see her which they said was a good idea as that would help her recovery. When we went up we could see that she had been treated very well despite being in quarantine and she got super excited when Lea popped her head over the play pen showing us she was happy and well taken care of. There are a couple of things I would like to say having read the other reviews. The store is affiliated to the American Kennel Club and they state quite categorically that they do not buy from puppy mills I think that the AKC might have something to say if this were not true. The details about the dog are fairly sketchy but we do have the address where she came from and parents names. We certainly don't want to show her but a few more details would be good. Someone said about the conditions of the dogs in cages. Well, the dogs have to be somewhere during the day and yes, they have to do their business most of which falls through the floor and yes, dogs eat poo, how do you think the mamma dog keeps her litter clean? The cages are cleaned on a regular basis as are the pens where people play with the puppies. We spent a long time there with our dog and can tell you that the staff members are friendly and knowledgeable and take good care of all of the animals. We brought our feisty madam home on the Thursday and on Monday we took her to our vet who pronounced her healthy and told us we had a good one! We are very happy with Poppy and on balance although we spent more than we thought we would, she came to us with all her shots and good amount of guarantees and we didn't have to travel to goodness knows where to see her. Thank you Petland and thank you Lea you were great!

Tammy Williams

Customer Comments: My Husband bought me an African Grey parrot for my birthday. Over a year later I had some concerns for my baby. so I Called Petland, and the girl that answered the phone was patient with all of my questions. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She gave me answers to my to every question and even gave me some tips that have helped me give my baby a better life. I recommend Petland to everyone!!! Thank you Petland! you have a customer for life!!!

james chojnacki

Customer Comments: I bought my poodle there and let me tell you. It was the best experience I have ever had in a pet store. The staff were so friendly and helpful. They matched me with a dog I never thought I would own and I could not have been more happy to be proven wrong. My poodle is the best not only that but, they taught me to potty train and they gave me so many training tools this was the easiest dog I have ever had. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable it blew my mind. I go there for all my pet needs now they defiantly earned my business. How people have this place anything other than 5 stars blows my mind I am in there every week they all know who I am they love my dog it is a wonderful place to be. I think it is just bitter people. Anyways go check this place out I highly recommend them, they care about you and most importantly the animals.

Anthony Rodriguez

Customer Comments: Tons of cute animals that you can take out and pet. You can check online for what dogs they currently have available

Gigi Corredera

Customer Comments: Have a nice variety of brands including holistic and grain free for our

Arialdis Alfonso

Customer Comments: Went to donate some fish the other day, to my surprise I even got a credit , I was able to use this credit to purchase the fish I wanted for my freshwater aquarium.. The staff was very courteous and nice, It was a little busy so I had to wait for around 20 minutes to get some help, wish it would be been faster. But I like this place a lot.

Vincent Kinney

Customer Comments: Animal knowledge- 5/5 Animal care- 5/5 Staff- 5/5 These people know what they are doing. The owners do NOT buy from mills as many suggest all stores do. They review all breeders before purchasing from them and they do not deal with anyone who overbreeds or treats their animals poorly. DO NOT GO TO PET KINGDOM. This is the top of the line pet store of any i have gone to and i myself got a Shiba Inu from here.

Rob Watkins DC

Customer Comments: Barkley was purchased here more than a year ago, but several staff still remember him. We call this gal Barkley's girlfriend, because she remembers him and gives him hugs every time we visit. Dr. Rob | Fort Myers Chiropractor

Davidson Etienne

Customer Comments: Bought a beautiful BEAUTIFUL puppy there. Her name is Bella and she's super nice and sweet. Weird thing is I did not go over there to actually buy a puppy, but once they let me play with her I just had to have her.


Customer Comments: First, I would like to say that the dog I purchased at Petland in Fort Myers is the best pet I have ever had. I purchased my Wheaten Terrier, Bear, from Petland in December of 2015. I visited him several times before deciding to actually purchase him. The staff was very knowledgeable about the animals and products they offer at their store. They were always patient with me even knowing that each visit may not be the day I actually purchased the puppy. I never felt pushed or pressured into purchasing him. Honestly, it was a breath of fresh air for a sales environment. When I did decide to buy my beloved puppy I called to schedule an appointment for the following morning. When I arrived, the puppy was freshly bathed and he had been given a Holiday themed collar. This was an adorable touch. The process from start to finish was easy and painless. I credit that to the management and well trained staff. I have visited the store several times since my purchase in 2015 and I can honestly say I continue to be impressed by the outstanding customer service at the Petland Fort Myers store. During every visit, I am always greeted by the warm and friendly staff. They still answer all of my questions about Bear and new pets I am interested in. In my experience over the last 14 months, I have felt that the Petland Fort Myers store have nailed customer service. I truly believe the entire staff has gone above and beyond to ensure customers are satisfied with their Petland experience. My experience with the sales staff, sales manager (James), and even the store owner has been nothing short of wonderful. I would highly recommend this store to anyone looking to add a new pet to their family or for anyone in need of pet supplies.

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